Mbono.net is a place where you can give voice to your dreams and intentions, being heard, supporting and in turn supported by others. A rich set of resources are here to help you in finding the clearest possible expression for your soul’s purpose here on earth, and giving that expression form in your life. Our search routines evolve with your use so that we can present postings from people who are most likely to share a soul connection with you.

How to use Mbono.net

Anyone who has ever stood with (or without) a microphone facing a large audience of true listeners knows the power of speaking carefully chosen words with clear intention, and the transforming effect speaking those words can have in our lives and the lives of others.

The social networks of Web 2.0 like Twitter and Facebook provide just such an opportunity – and one which is often not taken. Mbono.net is a portal which invites you to refocus your vision and intentions and use the World Wide Web as a place for making your dreams come true – a place where every word counts.

Mbono.net searches Twitter updates for ones which you may find of particular interest, and users who you may particularly like to follow. As you give feedback on updates which you particularly like these searches will become more and more refined.

Once you have logged in to Twitter through Mbono.net by clicking on “Sign In with Twitter” and then “Allow”, you will not only see a list of the most recent updates from others, you will also be able to enter a short text and then click SEND to post it to Twitter and have it show up on Mbono.net:


After logging in you will also be able to interact with and support users in achieving their dreams. When you hover the mouse over an entry that you find of interest, two new icons will be highlighted to the right: a heart, and an arrow circling back. Clicking on the heart will mark the posting as one you love, so that it will be seen by an even greater audience. Clicking on the arrow will allow you to see more information about the author, FOLLOW them, REPLY or RETWEET (forward) their message. You can also click on the person’s picture or icon to explore their Twitter page.

Once you post to Mbono, it’s out there! Mbono.net postings are even being picked up from time to time by Google, and may then show up in Google search results! Being aware of this as you write your text, giving it your full focus and intention, will enhance the power of whatever you send out into the universe through Mbono.net.

Many people are concerned about the number of updates they have to look at if they follow too many people on Twitter – this simply isn’t the case when using or following Mbono.net. You may choose to follow specific people because you are interested in what they are creating in their lives (just click on their photo to find out more about them and then, if you want, click “follow” in the new window which opens), or otherwise you can simply follow their dreams here by visiting www.mbono.net.

Those new to Twitter may be surprised that postings have to be less than 140 characters. This is because you can send and receive Twitter updates on your cell phone as an SMS well as the Web. Keeping to this limit becomes another powerful exercise in expressing ourselves clearly and briefly, and know that whatever you share can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mbono.net is starting as a portal to Twitter because of its popularity and real-time nature and will also be using and integrating other platforms as audiences for the status updates posted here.

You send status updates in five categories, and you will find it valuable to complete the first four as you begin and work through a project or issue, using the fifth to report your miraculous results:

  • Imagine – a space for sharing your visions and dreams.
  • Intend – a space to declare your intention, the new positive state you already see, feel and are committed to existing as a reality in your life.
  • Gratitude – a place to give thanks for all that you have in your life now.
  • Release – a place for releasing that which no longer serves, giving room for new creation. This is actually a special sort of Intention, and one which is a very important and often overlooked part of the creative process.
  • Miracles – a place to record and share the miracles large and small which you experience as your vision and intention comes into manifestation.

The vast online community of Twitter is a powerful place to share your thoughts, feeling and inspiration, and even more so using Mbono.net: updates begin with a relevant key phrase for the category they were posted in, and can be selected and sorted appropriately. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/mbononet) and we will follow you back. You can also post directly to Twitter, preceding your update with the appropriate phrase, and it will have a high chance of appearing on Mbono.net.

Mbono.net intends to become more than just a portal to social networks, it is building a network of like-minded souls with good will and clear intention who choose to support one another in making a positive difference in each of their lives and for all life on our planet.

Looking forward to sharing this new journey with you,

In love and light,


Dr. Stephen M. Marcus
Founder, Mbono.net

Mbono means vision in the language of the Xhosa people of South Africa – a people who have given birth to a number of notable visionaries and inspiring leaders for this planet, including Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and the late Miriam Makeba, whose voices each touched so many people in different ways.

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