From Social Media to Soul Media:

1999 Onearth.net Home PageThe Onearth.net website had its humble origins in 1996 in the early days of the World Wide Web. At the time it was probably possible for one person to count the number of sites dedicated to human consciousness and spirituality and those sites working to actively uplifting the physical energy and consciousness of the planet using a notepad! Rather than doing that, Onearth.net displayed a list of “Metaconnections” – links to the link pages of such sites, allowing the reader to move outward and explore spirituality, consciousness and environmentally-aligned social activism on the Internet as it was at that time.

Since then most sites have given up listing links to all but their closest associates and left the greater task to search engines like Google. Similarly my own efforts are now focused on interconnecting spirituality and consciousness on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter, developing software, websites and tools to support this process – and this site showcases my own work and that of a number of friends with whom I am working closely.

The focus here is on what I have called “From Social Media to Soul Media” – moving from the outer hubub and superficial connections of the World Wide Web to those people and connections which are closest to the essence of who we are, to our soul. And in this world of interconnection we do that by reaching out from that place in ourselves to others of like mind and spirit, supporting one another in each finding our unique form of true expression. One of the most powerful tools in doing this is adding video conferencing to social media, so we see one another eye-to-eye in real-time. The Sacred Ground website does just that – please come and meet us there!

The remarkable discovery we are making is that Soul Networking is not just about making online friends and transforming our online life – it is about aligning and transforming all aspects of our lives. Many of us have had the experience of people who had been virtual friends seeming to just step out of the screen when we have met in real life with no disconnect between the virtual and real-live experience. Others have found that the shifts they are making online are equally reflected in what is happening in their “real” lives.

Looking forward to connecting with you in this wonderful new world!

With love and joyful blessings,

Stephen Marcus

Dr Stephen M. Marcus
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